Keynote of SALVADOR SIMO ALGADO International Consultant_

COHEHRE organizes a series of very interesting keynote speakers.
If you need international quality points (kwaliteitspunten) please feel free to join. 

Salvador is an occupational therapist who soon realized the need to learn about entrepreneurship to be able to create meaningful and well-paiad jobs for people facing social exclusion. Right now he teaches two subjects related to entrepreneurship at the European Business School.

He is interested in developing projects based on ICT, social innovation and entrepreneurship, Occupational Science/Therapy, and mental health to create healthy and inclusive communities, amd/or develop research projects, collaboratively putting his disposal twenty years of professional experiences, and training.

Interested to join us on Thursday, 25.11.21 at 17:00-17:30 CET? Wait no longer and enroll here
After registration you will receive the link to participate in the Keynote. 

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Register your name in the Activiteitenkalender and make a screenshot of your registration of the webinar, plus hand in a short report (half a page A4) of the experienced webinar to : kwaltiteitspunten.agv@

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